How to become a vendor?

Follow this short video to know how !

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Steps to register: 

  • Create an account
  • Confirm your email
  • Get to the vendor dashboard link here
  • Go to Products
  • Add your product
  • Edit Quantity and that’s it
  • View your product > Settings > Visit Store

Need help?

Why you should add your Business/products?

Reduce propagation

Help more people stay at home and get their food delivered

Keep Business running

People need you right now and it will be beneficial for your brand

Cash on delivery

Stay at home and get your owner without the long queues

what does listing.mu get out of this?

Helping each other during this crisis time

People are waiting all day to get some food, risking their lives out there. The least we can do is to be offered and opportunity to get everything they need from home.

Boost online presence

There are are lot of people with businesses but no way to promote other than facebook. This is an opportunity to sell online

3% Commission

This fee divides into 2 section:
Hosting on high performance servers to ensure no downtime and for Advertising costs to promote the products

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Adding your business and products is completely FREE .
We charge only a small fee of 3% for the hosting and adverting cost.