What is Listing.mu?

The next generation platform that allows you to have an online presence without heavy costs or investing in traffic

Reasons why you should join us

#1 All your information in one place

  • Phone Number & Email Address
  • Add and personalise your Business Hours
  • Price list - Add your Best selling products
  • Add your unique promotional videos
  • Discount Codes for customers
  • Rank your Business on the #1 Search Engine; Google
  • Link all your Social Networks to benefit even more

#2 Effectiveness of a website without the high prices and no coding

The main purpose of a website is to get your business online and to display  your information, works and all through images… But it’s all taken care of when you register with listing.mu

#3 No need to worry about traffic (visitors)

We are working out on mass campaigns to get listing.mu with a massive audience and users that will be able to find your business easily without you having to invest in advertisements outside our website

#4 Your Competition does not matter

The main focus of our platform is to allow users to find businesses near their location offering their needs/wants.

And if these users match your business services/products, your business will be displayed among the top results based on their actual distance with you.

#5 Real-time Personal Dashboard

Get insights on

  • the number of views of your business
  • Total favorites by users
  • Total number of shares
  • The latest reviews and how your business is performing
  • Dashboard notifications for actions made by users

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Your Business information

People can reach you right away with all your contact information

  • Phone number
  • Email Address
  • Exact Location
  • Social Links (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin)
  • Instant Messaging -> Inbox

Connect with your customers with our integrated Instant Messaging

Answer your clients directly from anywhere and guide your customers. 

If you are offline, you will receive an email to notify you for recent messages

Consumers like knowing prices, and are more likely to interact with your business

It’s simple and easy to set up, potentially increasing your conversion rates

Images helps in boosting your Conversion Rate

  • Use High Quality Images to set yourself apart
  • Consumers view images before viewing any text and it is crucial to have images in your business

Create yourself a good reputation online

Let your customers spread the word about you with reviews and let more people know your business

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Get ahead of your competitors today!

Wait? But how does it work?

STEP 1 :

Register to Listing.mu

  • Click on the register button
  • Add your information and create a password
  • Wait for the account to be created
  • It's all set, now you can add your Business easily

STEP 2 :

Adding your Business

  • Click on ADD LISTING at the top right when logged in
  • Choose your package - PREMIUM package has all the extended capabilities
  • Enter all your information ( Phone, Gallery. Business Hours)
  • Preview your business
  • Proceed to checkout

STEP 3 :

Pay with PayPal

  • Safest way to Pay online
  • Fast: no need to enter all your financial information every time you shop.
  • Easy: not only is signing up for PayPal free, but you can also make purchases and send money to family and friends

How to add your Business?

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Just a little summary

If you don't join now, you're really missing out

  • No need to hire someone to design a website
  • Instant Messaging with Notifications
  • Pricelist with Images
  • Gallery features
  • Add your own PROMO coupon
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Business Hours
  • Features inside your Business (Tags)
  • Location on Map
  • Reviews to earn a good Reputation
  • Works based on consumers location
  • Add unlimited Categories
  • Real Time Analytics Dashboard
  • Description that helps even more in ranking higher
  • Users can share on various platforms (FB, IG, etc...)
  • And a lot more ( Logo, tagline, etc...)


349 / MONTH
  • Submit your Business
  • Logo & Cover Image
  • Unlimited Categories + Tags
  • Onsite Messaging
  • Image Reviews & Rating
  • Standard Rankings
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Gallery (up to 5 Images)
  • Price list (up to 4 products)


649 / MONTH
  • Submit your Business
  • Logo & Cover Image
  • Unlimited Categories + Tags
  • Onsite Messaging
  • Image Reviews & Rating
  • Higher Rankings
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Gallery (up to 25 Images)
  • Price list (up to 20 products)
  • Add Business Hours
  • Videos (Upto 3 videos)
  • Create Coupon Code


1049 / MONTH
  • Submit your Business
  • Logo & Cover Image
  • Unlimited Categories + Tags
  • Onsite Messaging
  • Image Reviews & Rating
  • Premium Rankings
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Gallery (up to 50 Images)
  • Price list (up to 50 products)
  • Add Business Hours
  • Videos (Upto 10 videos)
  • Create Coupon Code
  • No Google Ads
  • No promoted Listings
  • Schema Markup (Rank from Google)
  • Sidebar Statistics
  • Social Networks
  • Verified Sign

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It’s an enormous amount of value right there for such a small price, right?