This agreement, a Commission on sale agreement, is made on date by and between Listing.mu having its registered office at address and vendor name/service provider name having its registered office address and relates to descr`iption of business

It is hereby understood and agreed that a commission of 3 percent of the sum of the sale is payable by vendor name/service provider name to Listing.mu in consideration of Listing.mu’s efforts and cooperation in assisting with the conclusion and execution of the sale transactions.

It is hereby further agreed that payment of the commission shall be made according to by telegraphic transfer to such bank account as Listing.mu.

The 3 percent COMMISSION on all sale transactions shall be paid within seven (07) days after the SELLER has received payment from the BUYER.

Registration as a vendor will entail a legal agreement between the VENDOR and  Listing.mu.


Breaches of these terms and conditions

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